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World Peace for Video Art | Ernesto Love

This is an edited transcript of a lengthy telephone interview that took place
prior to the exhibition at Boxcopy in October 2008 between the writer, artist
and poet Ernesto Love and the opal miner and self-proclaimed artist, activist,
libertine and trend spotter Ernest Olove.

Ernesto Love. (EL) Firstly, thank you for agreeing to talk to me… May I call
you Ernest?
Ernest Olove. (EO). Yes, for sure.
EL. I have to say that I was surprised and intrigued to hear of you, to come
across your name, to see that our names are separated only by a vowel.
EO. Yes.
EL. This is uncanny don’t you think?
EO. Yes.
EL. Ah, ok? Anyway, this was a coincidence too close for me not to follow up
….to perhaps find my doppelganger…
EO. Yes.
EL. Umm, ok…Well lets get started, as I understand it, you come to exhibiting
art from an unusual perspective, no formal training, living in an opal mine in
Kupa Piti for the last 40 years, and only finding yourself as an artist when you
discovered the Internet.
EO. Yes, I am artist from before Internets.
EL. OK… can you tell us about where you live, and how that is important for
your art?
EO. Yes.
EL. Please …do
EO. You don’t know?
EL. Ahh, no, that is why I’m asking…
EO. Stupid… if you look you see!
EL. But I’m not sure what I am supposed to look at?!
EO. Look at words, words tell you everything!
EL. But what words do I look at?
EO. Kupa Piti!
EL. Kupa Piti?
EO. Kupa Piti! It is local language for white man in a hole!
EL. Ahh, yes… of course… thank you for this interesting observation… but
can you tell us how you became an artist, or how you had this ‘vision’ for art.
EO. I had back word visit which gave me vision.
EL. Back Word visit?…Can you say what this is, and how did this happen?
EO. Yes, it did happen.
EL…. It did happen?
EO. Yes, it did happen.
EL. Ok…Alright, lets move on…can you talk about what made you think about
being an artist or making art?
EO. Yes.
EL. So you can tell us?
EO. Yes.
EL. Yes?…OK! So what was it? …I mean why do you make art?
EO.Yes I make art!
EL. Yes…But…. Please tell us why….
EO. Yes, I told you, art is why!
EL….Alright then…I think we have established that you are making art…
EO.Yes! I told you I am artist-making art! I have a vision of art.
EL. Yes!
EO. Yes!
EL…Ernest… you agree that you are an artist making ‘visionary art’, but can you
please tell me why you do? What is important to you about making art?
EO. Yes, if you cannot see, then you ask and will I tell you why!
EL. Well why?
EO. Yes I will tell you.
EL.What! WHY? PLEASE… please do tell me why…
EO. Yes!
EL… Look, I am afraid I just don’t follow…
EL. OK! I don’t look or listen, so please just tell me.
EO. Very Well! I am an artist making a vision of art!
EL. But… you are not telling me anything!… I still don’t get it?
EO. Yes you are like nearly all people I meet, making art is making WORLD
PEACE!…but no STUPID IDIOTS listen! This is why I live in a hole in ground in
the middle of country where no STUPID FUCKING CUNTS can fuck up my
EL. Ok…If you can settle down I think I might we might be finally getting
somewhere. So can you tell me all this relates to art or world peace?
EO. Like all stupid people you want me to explain!
EL. Please…go ahead…
EL. cat…plus computer, plus…sex…oh! So cats, computers and sex can bring
about world peace then…?
EO. NO! STUPID WRITER! You don’t listen… Cat Computer Sex makes VIDEO
EL. Do go on…
EO…finally you let me speak! There are three special elements for world
peace…Cat plus Computer plus Fuck! This is the magic formula for world peace
in future times.
EL. Ah…do go on…
EO. Finally you listen! You will learn once you see!
EL. Yes… I can hardly wait…
EO. Yes…By melting together all magic ingredients together I have
discovered the perfect vision for World Peace for Video Art at Boxcopy! They
promise me that they will send around world on Internets to make everyone
artist and make peace in world. This is a new hypnoid-art video spectacular
peaceful show. This what the future will look like.
EL. Yes…as I said, I can hardly wait…
EO. YES!…Three special popular arts, cats, computers, and fuck will make
artist of everyone who see…OK! I will explain! CAT!…is most popular
favourite people art from the whole of history…ancient Egypt secret you can
see if looking carefully at art from then…cat is ruler of life and death…this cat
then become powerful symbol of life and death in dark times…black cat
means magic over destiny…pure symbolic force. Cats know about future
disaster like earthquake and dog, cats can see future… then JAZZ!…jazz full
of cats….then Catwoman! I know this woman…I HATE CAT! But cat popular
favourite with all people but me. Not Dog! Cat! Not Dolphin! Cat! …This cat in
video art is secret folklore cat, cat made in strange small town by shaman to
keep rats away from small town children. But it is also what cat will look like in
the future, like back to the future when cat was from future. Future will be like
small town.
EL. Fascinating!
EO. …Second special art COMPUTERS!
EL. Of course!
EO. Computers come from the future and make everyone artist too!
EL. Just what I was thinking…
EO. Yes, Internets are proof of back word engineering from future to show
stupid people how to be artists, sent to people like bill gates to prove this. Bill
Gates is an idiot!…but he also had visit from future people. They show him
how to make thinking machine from sand and plastic. This makes anyone who
use it see that they can make art from nothing, no ideas, no materials, no
space needed, not nothing needed. It is all box of sand like child play with
plastic spade. This is new art, no thinking needed, this is art of future where
everyone is artist. Remember computer makes artist from stupid people!
EL. Hmm, I hadn’t considered it that way…
EO. Bill Gates makes a special art illusion that only appears after machine is
left alone for time. You must leave thinking machine alone then slowly special
magic code comes on, it has been made to hypnotise viewers into being
artists. This is next ingredient to make peace, watching special time machine
maze that moves back a little bit, then into future a lot, mainly the future,
speeding up and going a little bit back then fast into future again. Then we all
become special artists, we begin to see future peace through time machine!
Remember if it is possible for you stupid people… time machine is computer!


© Copyright 2008. Boxcopy and the writers and artists. Not to be reproduced without permission from Boxcopy.