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The Art Resort | Anita Holtsclaw

The Art Resort aims to bring together a range of disparate artists and works that utilise motifs and signifiers affiliated with popular conceptions of the notion of “resort”. The show will examine an emerging tendency in the practice of contemporary Brisbane artists to quote or reference ideas of the resort for a variety of differing outcomes.

The artists whose works will be presented are all past and present QUT students who work across a variety of media. The works themselves are not wholly concerned with ideas about leisure but instead use the motifs related to the concept to deal with an array of themes. From the large scale wall relief work of Alex Feu’u, who deals with ideas of cultural exoticism, to the photographic work of Jemima Wyman, who humorously looks at the darker almost ridiculous depictions of a ‘Disney Resort’ culture, the artists represented all have complex, critical and engaging practices that lead the viewer, through Hawaiian coloured glasses, to a range of concepts. Through the seemingly superficial selection of works the art resort aims to present new ideas for curatorial practices and the viewing of shows, whereby the works selected do not all share the same themes, nor do they involve only one specific media. Instead the show aims to present a non-didactic exhibition whereby questions are raised rather than answered.

The Art Resort will consist of a variety of artists whose art practices encompass an array of media from drawing to video. The show will create opportunities for emerging artists, writers and curators. It will be my first solo curatorial venture, will involve emerging artists and will be reviewed in ARTT (a new Brisbane based on-line art zine). The execution of The Art Resort will therefore open up a collaborative dialogue between those represented in the show and those affiliated with it, such as independent writers, members of ARTT and Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space.

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