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Friday 26 February 5.30 for 6pm

Saturday 27 February 10am-12pm

Kym Maxwell is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator whose work incorporates but is not limited to video art installation, pedagogic projects, arts writing and curation.

Maxwell’s research involves a sociological field of inquiry regarding the power dynamics of care, pedagogic relationships and child’s play. Maxwell specifically explores risk adversity and teacher/student and parent/child dynamics through relational aesthetic principals that are context-sensitive. Maxwell mines environments for their institutional frameworks, which can be expressed as tropes of the social curriculum, positioned through architecture, territories and language.

Being self-organised and self-determined Maxwell seeks to utilise ethical principals regarding the variety of media and complex life/work situations she interacts with. The relationships she generates are either curatorial, performance or pedagogic based. These products have drawn audiences from the arts sector and local communities through a sequence of online platforms, publications, exhibitions, workshops, curricular design and free-public events.

For the Summer School series, Kym Maxwell will present details of the theatrical play ‘A Wharfie’s Story,’  recently presented at Melbourne’s North Wharf in November 2015. Produced with 24 children employing dialectic modes of story telling, the story discloses the often unheard tale of the dock workers struggle for humane working conditions, better pay and sick leave in the 1950’s. This will be discussed in relation to the social experiment ‘Field 1968’, a  trust exercise in which children demonstrate their individual capabilities via the physical or virtual ‘wild’ – a site for unsupervised play. Both works explore socio-political relations and the dynamics of power, conflict, and autonomy within children’s work.

Image: Kym Maxwell A Wharfie’s Story, performed and produced by the Collingwood College Theatre Troupe. Presented at North Wharf, Melbourne Docklands, 23 November, 2015.

Saturday 27 February 10am-12pm

The GOODWILL project was devised to challenge notions of spatial and social politics, the role of spectatorship and to question the importance and (decline) of kinesthetic play in our lives. The GOODWILL KIT is integral in this aim, as provocateur. It established the potential for the project’s physical manifestation as a sculpture, but also as a means in which to engage in dialogue about the importance of unfettered or unsupervised play and the subsequent building of narratives that ensues when we tinker, and open our minds.

Kym will facilitate one-on-one play sessions with the GOODWILL KIT on Saturday 27th February from 10am-12pm. Places are limited so register now via


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Kym Maxwell Talk
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