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Saturday 19 March 4pm

Join us on Saturday afternoon for a discussion about artist run activity as potential sites of resistance that can challenge ways of thinking and doing, with Brisbane-based artist Danielle Clej and Adelaide-based artist, Brigid Noone.

Danielle Clej’s practice negotiates complex collaborative structures that function as undercurrents to artistic institutions and their relations. As part of various fictive, pseudo-bureaucratic, online and real collaborations and collectives, Clej explores a flexible, multi-skilled mode of art practice that works across curation, writing, publications, performances and public artworks. This discursive strategy establishes a critically playful relationship with the institutions and roles of contemporary art and the broader democratic public sphere. Clej currently works with inbetweenspaces polyamorous living lab, The Cosmic Centre and The Umbrella Institute.

An artist and curator, Brigid Noone is currently the Director of Fontanelle Gallery & Studios (Adelaide, Australia). She was one of the co-founding directors of artist run initiative FELTspace, and completed a masters in Arts by research at the University of South Australia in 2010. Noone was selected by the Australia Council for the Arts to work as an emerging curator for the Australian presentations at the 53rd Venice Biennale. Brigid co-founded Renew Adelaide, and most recently forged a new relationship with The Renewal SA to secure a subsidized lease to run Fontanelle –  a creative hub that provides an incubator for emerging and established artists and curators to work, take risks, engage in dialogue and debate, and exhibit their work. Brigid is currently undertaking a PhD at SCA, University of Sydney, titled Committed but not attached: Expanding the boundaries of painting through collaborative and negotiated explorations of the emotional and the political.