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Brisbane Artist Run Activity, Today and Tomorrow

Project dates: 29 May – 2 July 2016
Gallery open: Friday & Saturday 12-6pm

HOMEGROUND addresses the local context of artist run culture in Brisbane. The gallery at Boxcopy will become a site for process-based and dialogic exchange between six local ARIs, emphasising collaborative and speculative methods of working. 

HOMEGROUND is an accumulative exhibition project, with each artist run initiative in residence at Boxcopy for one week in succession, with open days on Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm.

Boxcopy was founded as a collaborative project by seven art school graduates in 2007 and initially operated from the basement of a Queenslander house in New Farm. This emphasis on the home and the local context are the themes of this project, and many current ARIs in Brisbane reflect this approach – they are often fluid, nomadic structures, with projects occurring in domestic spaces, hotel rooms, the street and public sites. Coming up to our ten year anniversary, Boxcopy is one of the longest running artist run spaces in Brisbane and for HOMEGROUND we aim to provide a conduit for these, and future, collaborations to take place.


Join us for a series of forums during HOMEGROUND discussing artist run spaces and collectives in Brisbane.

Saturday 4 June, 4pm | Contested Spaces

Saturday 18 June, 4pm | White Cubes

Saturday 2 July, 4pm | Homeshow

FAKE ESTATE | Friday 3 – Saturday 4 June

FAKE estate presents one night events in a East Brisbane DIY/ under-the-house space and is also the 2016 ARI in residence at Metro Arts. The current directors are Romii Fulton-Smith, Alex McGovern and Jarrod Van Der Ryken.

CLUTCH COLLECTIVE | Friday 10 – Saturday 11 June

The Clutch Collective is Holly Bates, Naomi Blacklock, Tayla Haggarty and Annie Macindoe who present mobile exhibitions through one-night events each month in a 3-ton truck.

THE LAUNDRY ARTSPACE | Friday 17 – Saturday 18 June

The Laundry Artspace was founded in 2015 and utilizes the lower level of a Queenslander home to host exhibitions that are experimental, site-specific and collaborative in nature. The co-directors are Aishla Manning and Naomi O’Reilly.

CUT THUMB | Friday 24 – Saturday 25 June

Cut Thumb ARI was founded in 2015 by Lucy Forsberg and Callum McGrath and current projects take the form of solo one-night events in a West End garage space.

INHOUSE | Friday 1 – Saturday 2 July

Established in 2012 by Jenna Baldock and Meagan Streader, Inhouse initially operated out of a house in New Farm, Brisbane and has produced off-site exhibitions such as ‘Out of House’ at Metro Arts and ‘CTRL +SHIFT + SPACE’ at 200 Adelaide St.


FAKE ESTATE | Friday 3 – Saturday 4 June

FAKE estate (Romii Fulton-Smith, Alex McGovern, Jarrod van der Ryken) bye FAKE estate 2016.

Boxcopy Homeground 1a
Boxcopy Homeground 1b
Boxcopy Homeground 1c

CLUTCH COLLECTIVE | Friday 10 – Saturday 11 June

CLUTCH Collective (Holly Bates, Naomi Blacklock, Tayla Haggarty and Annie Macindoe) Jerry Can’t 2016 and Pit Stop 2016 (video)

Boxcopy Homeground 2a
Boxcopy Homeground 2c
Boxcopy Homeground 2b

THE LAUNDRY ARTSPACE | Friday 17 – Saturday 18 June

Anabel (Rachael Archibald & Callum Galletly) Current See 2016.
Manning + O’Reilly Artists (Aishla Manning and Naomi O’Reilly) Balloon Animals 2016 (video).
Busty Blonde Athletic Brunette (Chloe Waters & Marissa Georgiou) Soon 2016 (video).
SHATRICK (Shannon Tonkin & Patrick Zaia) I’m a SHATRICK 2016 (mixed media).

Boxcopy Homeground 3a
Boxcopy Homeground 3b
Boxcopy Homeground 3c

CUT THUMB | Friday 24 – Saturday 25 June

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn The Unridden Realm 2015 (video).
Erika Scott / Peter Knudsen Wood Fair Series Shelf 2016 (mixed media).

Homeground 4a
Homeground 4b

INHOUSE | Friday 1 – Saturday 2 July

Louise Bennett and Franz Ehmann Are we there yet? 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.30.08 PM-2

This project is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.