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26 August – 24 September 2017
Opening Saturday 26 August 6pm

Eleanor and James Avery, Anastasia Booth, Sam Cranstoun,  Caitlin Franzmann & Kate Woodcroft, Kinly Grey, Daniel McKewen, Sarah Poulgrain, Sandra Selig, Tyza Stewart and David M Thomas.

Presentism looks back at ten years of Boxcopy’s history, through the lens of current practices of Brisbane-based artists who have participated in the program over that time. The title of the exhibition describes a tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts. While often used negatively to critique particular accounts of history, in this case looking at the past through practices of the present testifies to the qualities of resilience and endurance that serve to sustain the practices of individual artist and the communities in which they operate.

Join us for the opening event on Saturday 26th August at 6pm and then for special events through September. Gallery opening hours are Friday and Saturday 2pm-6pm.