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Private: Arts Projects – Organisations Application (Support Material)


  Rachael Archibald

Rachael Archibald, I think of your two lips, your tulips, 2015, digital video.

Rachael Archibald, Narcosia, 2015, digital video.


  Lief Gifford 

Lief Gifford, Contained Explosions, 2014, sound performance and installation, photo documentation.


  Michael Loutitt

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.33.28 PM.pngMichael Loutitt, Untitled, 2018, sound performance, photo documentation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.34.45 PM.pngMichael Loutitt, Measurement, 2018, video performance.


  Amelia McLeish 

IMG_6225(2)Amelia McLeish, Untitled, 2018, sound performance, photo documentation.


  Tara Pattenden

Tara Pattenden, Grim Beeper, 2019, custom sytnthesizer, video documentation.

Tara Pattenden, Hoop Snake & Noisy Bstrd, 2017, custom touch controlled soft synthesizers, video documentation.


  Alexandra Spence

 Alexandra Spence, Listening to the sea from at least twelve points of hearing, 2017, sound installation, video documentation.

Alexandra Spence in collaboration with Alanna Ho, Drinking Dialogues, 2016, audio-visual performance and installation, video documentation.


  Paul Young

PAUL-YOUNG-and-ASKEWPaul Young, Askew Promotional Image, 2014.

Paul YoungPaul Young in collaboration with Amanda Terry, Askew Performance, 2016, photo documentation.




Previous Boxcopy Commissioned Projects



FIVE WAYS – a publication project for 2016, edited by Brooke Ferguson,colour, A0 sized (80x120cm) edition features five artists and is published as a PDF 


IMG_20190604_151810.jpg IMG_20190604_151822.jpg


Sliding Door 2014 – 2015 –  Commissioned Artists: Archie Moore | Danielle Clej | Elizabeth Willing | Dirk Yates | Hayley Brandon | Annie Boman | Marianne Templeton | Benjamin Crowley | Tim Kerr | Catherine or Kate | Daniel McKewen| Erika Scott