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23 February 2019 3pm – 6pm

From under a house in New Farm, to Metro Arts and Margaret Street in the city, to Petrie Terrace, to…

For the past seven years, Brisbane’s longest-running ARI, Boxcopy, has been based in a shopfront at the corner of the Normanby Fiveways, supporting artists to develop and present new works in a critical context, through a program of exhibitions, events, publications and discussions. Join us on Saturday 23rd February to say goodbye to the space (and hello future) among friends and community. We’ll celebrate its history with performances by Boxcopy favourites Weekend Immendorff (David M Thomas and Callum Galletly), Ross Manning and Eugene Carshesio, video by Callum McGrath, plus we’ll be selling local artworks, publications and merchandise from our 2012-2018 programs.