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The Boxcopy Summer School series is an open-ended format that activates the gallery space with performances, discussions, lectures and workshops, exploring creative pedagogical approaches to art making and the provocation that ‘small acts of resistance can create change’.

Summer School includes projects by artists who explore and exploit the creative potential of pedagogical forms such as the Workshop, Lecture or Essay. More broadly, the series includes artists who engage with ideas and practices of experimental pedagogies; explore the social, dialogic or participatory contexts of learning and idea exchange; or subvert ideas of ‘authority’, ‘mastery’ or expertise.

Summer School also considers how artist run activity may act as sites of resistance and the potential of these spaces and dialogues to open up new ways of thinking and doing.

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Image: Sarah Rodigari Options 2016. Graphic design Ella Sutherland. Boxcopy Window Commission for Summer School series.