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ARTIST TALK | Cigdem Aydemir

November 10, 2015


Join us on Sunday 15th November at 3pm for an artist talk with Cigdem Aydemir.

Cigdem will be discussing her new installation work at Boxcopy, I won’t let you out of my sight.

“I’ll be ready” – David Hasselhoff’s soundtrack to the 90s TV series Baywatch, blasts from a lifesaving-float-cum-boombox, as the artist runs along several popular Sydney beaches wearing a red burqini (a swimsuit with a hood designed for Muslim women). Reactions are both amused and confused with the familiarity of a popular song jarring with the unfamiliar sight of a Muslim woman on a popular Sydney beach. In addition to the run there are several other performed actions that blur the line between victim and saviour, the watcher and the watched, Muslim femininity and masculinity, as well as success and failure.

Through decolonizing and queering mechanisms Cigdem endeavours to question established relations of power, while producing work that is driven equally by research, play, criticism and humour.


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