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Opening Event | Friday 10 April 6pm
Artist Talk | Friday 15 May 5.30pm
Exhibition continues until Saturday 23 May 2015

Please note the special opening hours for this exhibition: Thursday 16 April – Saturday 16 May, 2-8pm Thu-Sat.

Caitlin Franzmann is a Brisbane-based artist and is interested in the affective potential of architecture, art and technology. In reaction to the fast-paced nature and overstimulation of contemporary urban life, Caitlin uses light, sound and constructed spaces within spaces to encourage slowness, curiosity and social interaction. Her work is often participatory and intimate in nature, inviting the viewer to touch the work, enter into interactive sonic spaces or to engage in open dialogue and energy exchange. Her work is an invitation to oscillate between interior and exterior space, the concrete and cosmic.

For Chasing Infinite Junctures, Caitlin Franzmann presents an installation as an open site for affect, response and collaboration. The exhibition will begin with an architectural intervention, which is available for exchange and transformation involving other artists, events and the sensing body of the audience. For five weeks, Caitlin will provide a space for new junctures to unfold – artists including Andrew McLellan, Ross Manning, Henry Mills, Louise Bennett, Leena Riethmuller and Sandra Selig will gather, experiment and create in the space.


Caitlin originally trained as an urban planner and in 2012 completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at National Gallery of Victoria, Institute of Modern Art, QUT Art Museum and Canberra Contemporary Art Space. In 2012 she was an artist in residence at LEVEL ARI and later joined the collective as co-director. In 2014 Caitlin took part in the Instrument Builders Project in Yogyakarta and, with the support of Asialink Arts Residency Program and Arts Queensland, spent three months researching and experimenting new work at torna, Istanbul. Caitlin was recipient of the 2014 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and was one of thirteen artists selected to exhibit in Primavera 2014: Young Australian Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Eleanor Jackson

Image: Caitlin Franzmann Chasing Infinite Junctures 2015. Installation view. Courtesy the artist.


16 April | Following on from Eleanor Jackson’s poetry reading at the opening event, a recording is now available in the gallery space as an intimate listening experience.

23 April | This week at Boxcopy Caitlin Franzmann, Henry Mills and Andrew McLellan are experimenting with bringing outside sounds inside, heavy bass and moving lights as part of Chasing Infinite Junctures. Come and see the performance on Friday evening 6.30-7.30pm.

9 May | Come along on Saturday 4pm for roving sound performances in the installation, with Ross Manning and Sandra Selig.

14 May | Sandra Selig’s beautiful light intervention is unfolding across the gallery this week.

15 May | Join in a conversation and word association, with Caitlin Franzmann about her art practice and the current project at Boxcopy ‘Chasing Infinite Junctures’ on Friday 15th May, 5.30pm

21 May | Louise Bennett has been dreaming junctures in the gallery – this week her video will be on show, alongside sonic interventions by Andrew McLellan.

23 May | Leena Riethmuller presents a special 20 minute performance ‘The centre of your own universe’ for a cosmic closing of the exhibition ‘Chasing Infinite Junctures’ on Saturday 23 May, 6pm.


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Boxcopy Franzmann 2015_3

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and by MAAP Media Bank.

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