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February 12, 2015


Saturday 14 February 4pm

Anastasia Booth and Boxcopy invite you to join us for a special poetry event on Valentine’s Day, 14 February at 4pm – exploring the intimacy of spoken word and the sensual experience of text and personal narrative, as ‘couples’ perform poetry together.

Speakers for the day include Catherine or Kate, Courtney Pedersen and Charles Robb, Courtney Coombs and Vanessa Loh, David M. Thomas and Suzanne Howard, Joseph Breikers and Enderie Andrew Nuatal, Caitlin Franzmann and Leena Reithmuller, Brooke Ferguson and Erika Scott, Daniel McKewen and Maegan McKewen, Anastasia Booth and Jeffrey Mohr, and Geoffrey Vagg doing a solo.

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