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4 – 6 October 2013

Antoinette J. Citizen is currently exploring a body of work around the premise of personal informatics and data tracking. Citizen is interested in how we are being tracked, traced and remembered through our digital footprint and how we can be categorised and quantified by these interactions. For the Weekender exhibition A Method for Counting Qualia Citizen has made a mechanical pie chart that can display three data variables. The pie chart accesses data sets gathered in real time from social networking sites relating to experiences of qualia. Each day, three different variables are chosen and the pie chart displays the resulting datasets, creating a real-time analysis of Citizen’s network experiences.


Antoinette J. Citizen is a visual artist who graduated with honours from a BFA at Queensland University of Technology in 2008 and is currently undertaking a PhD by research at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Citizen has exhibited nationally in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney including the exhibition Fresh Cut 2012 at the Institute of Modern Art, Artspace’s Artist-Run exhibition Eastern Seaboard (2011) with No Frills* and internationally in Luxembourg and Germany for the exhibition Ceci n’est pas un Casino! (2010). Citizen has been involved in various residencies including with DAS in the United Kingdom, Aphids in Victoria, Virtual Lab in Shanghai and with Media Lab Melbourne.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and  has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Image: Antoinette J Citizen A Method for Counting Qualia, 2013. Installation view at Boxcopy.