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16 February – 9 March 2013

Boxcopy is excited to announce a new project, the Summer Residency. This project explores collaborative processes and provides the use of the gallery as studio/ work space over the summer, culminating with an exhibition to kick off our 2013 exhibition program.

Threefold will use the Boxcopy Summer Residency as an opportunity to playfully investigate the intersubjective space of collaboration, specifically, the potential disruptions, intersections and conversations that occur across the three practices. Through a set of strategies designed to get to know each other better, the project will attempt to disrupt the personal, professional and artistic boundaries that separate the three artists. Through a series of multimedia, personal narratives the exhibition will create a pluralistic space to reflect on ideas of proximity, distance and the successes and failures of communication in personal and professional relationships.


Threefold is the collaborative practice of Hayley Brandon, Pirrin Francis and Melissa Ryke. Established in 2011, the collective aims to explore the intersubjective and conversational space of collaboration in visual art and everyday life. Developing out of the shared studio environment of Queensland University of Technology, Threefold was established as a means of continuing dialogue, critique and exchange outside of university.  Specifically, it has become a means of exploring how this dialogue might provide a space through which to generate work. In 2012 they developed a series of projection works for Brisbane Festival, which were later redeveloped as a one-night exhibition for Metro Arts’ ARI in Residence, Current Projects.

Please visit to follow Threefold’s collaborative process during the Residency.

Exhibition Documentation

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Maggie McDade

Image: Threefold Made Up Dreams 2012. Installation view at Boxcopy.