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6 – 20 October 2012

Forum Discussion | Saturday 6 October 2012 4pm
Opening Event | Saturday 6 October 6pm

This project is the first exhibition in Boxcopy’s Emerging Artist Program, supporting and mentoring emerging artists in the development of new works within a critical context.

Drawing from screen-based culture Clark Beaumont examines notions of identity, female subjectivity, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Presented as a series of video interventions, She’ll Be Right explores these interests through re-enactment and repetition, reflecting upon the portrayal of personal and shared experience. Using the distinctive vernacular found in iconic Australian films She’ll Be Right exploits the cinematic depiction of everyday life.  Employing the stereotypes of ‘aussie battler’ and ‘under dog’, Clark Beaumont consider the fluctuating states of existence, focusing particularly on doubt, confidence, failure and triumph.

Join us on Saturday 6 October for the special event Not getting on anymore: discussions on collaboration. Brisbane artists Catherine or Kate discuss re-appraisals of the value and functions of collaboration in the visual arts, with exhibiting duo Clark Beaumont. The discussion is joined by video responses from Anna Clawson & Nicole Ward (UK), John Wood & Paul Harrison (UK), Tully Arnot & Charles Dennington (Sydney/Berlin) and Non Grata (Estonia), collaborators encountered by Catherine or Kate on their travels over the last 3 years.


Clark Beaumont formed in 2010 at the Queensland University of Technology whilst completing their Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Visual Art). The duo have presented live performances and videos at festivals, exhibitions and events, as well as collaborated on national and international projects online. In 2011, Clark Beaumont participated in Exist’s mini-residency program at Metro Arts and was selected to exhibit in Inbetweenspaces’ Fresher ’11 exhibition. In 2012, Clark Beaumont exhibited a new body of work at SafARI (Sydney), the Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival (BEAF) and Current Projects (Brisbane).

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Emily Lush

Exhibition Documentation

Image: Clark Beaumont She’ll Be Right (video still) 2012. Courtesy the artists.