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1 – 23 June 2012

Opening Event & Artist Talk | Friday 1 June 6pm

In 1977, Kiss was named the most popular band in America by a Gallup poll. They had risen from the outskirts of the NY Burroughs to dominate popular culture. This popularity led to a plethora of flow on commercial activity that pre-empted the explosion in merchandising and cross promotion, which came to dominate during the 1980s. Unlike every other band of their time, their names, faces and identities remained completely unknown. They presented themselves not as mortals, but as something other – something larger than real, something elevated and almost god-like. Kiss were, in some respects, a myth, and perhaps ultimately a simulacrum. They were a dreamt vision that somehow transgressed the fringes of obscurity and rooted itself in popular consciousness at one of the last moments during the 20th Century where such self-actualisation was possible. Today, we lie awake in knowledge, the dreams represented in Kiss have been washed away with the dawning light of a relentless information age.


Lawrence English is media artist, composer and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He utilises a variety of approaches including sound, installation, projection and polymedia objects to create works that meditate on subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to consider that which might sit at the edge of, or beyond their perception. His pieces have been presented widely in Europe, the UK and Japan, as well as in the USA, NZ and Australia.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Zoe de Luca

Exhibition Documentation

Image: Lawrence English I Stole Your Kiss (Perspective Studies on the Ghosts of Gods) 2012. Installation view at Boxcopy.