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8 – 29 October 2011

Erika Scott is an Australian artist who uses ideas of installation and ‘spatial-collage’ to investigate her own sites of pleasure, politics of taste, gender and value. She draws on particular references and ‘signs’ from entertainment subgenres while pushing domestic materials through certain processes to displace value systems, materialise abstractions and to explore the mediated quality of subjectivity itself.  Art Injuries follows her ongoing interest in the tactile nature of ‘things’ and the role of aesthetic experience in literalising a ‘body-hold’, favouring a return to the ‘real’. She playfully uses the word injury to kickstart this exhibition process. Erika is a co-founder of the Brisbane artist run initiative, Accidentally Annie St Space and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) at the Queensland University of Technology.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Jacina Leong