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1769 – 1782

A collaborative project by Boxcopy for the Museum of Brisbane
19 – 23 September 2011

My own private neon oasis is a contemporary arts project inspired by the dynamic histories and diverse cultures of Sunnybank. It is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover this unique Brisbane community. Immersed in the local ambience and not knowing the language, it’s easy to be a tourist in your own backyard. For my own private neon oasis, Sunnybank is a kind of muse. Coinciding with the Moon Festival, which is widely celebrated throughout Asian cultures, my own private neon oasis features work by local, national and international artists.

Boxcopy’s contribution for the Museum of Brisbane’s For my own private neon oasis project is entitled 1769 – 1782. 1769 – 1782 takes as its starting point, ideas and aesthetics of the pioneer, frontier exploration and forestry survey. The title 1769 – 1782 refers to the years that American pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman Daniel Boone’s spent exploring in the Kentucky wilderness. This project involves the Boxcopy team erecting a viewing platform and undertaking a period of exploration of the Sunnybank area, responding to historical research by finding and recording sites of interest in words, sound, photography and video while periodically making them available to the public via a dedicated website. The objective of project is to create a space for artists to engage in site responsive creative process which has the potential to reflect on individual experiences of a place while acknowledging their position as outsiders removed from specific cultural anchor points.

Reflecting on individual experiences of place, Boxcopy will explore sites of interest in Sunnybank through words, sound, photography and video. While Boxcopy are surveying, mapping and collecting information, the public are also encouraged to participate by contributing and exchanging information, suggesting undiscovered places or experiences in the area, or any points of interest.