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A collaborative project by Boxcopy
The Block, CI Precinct, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

27 July – 13 August 2011

In the film, when asked by Spock ‘why are you climbing the mountain?’ Kirk says, somewhat facetiously, because it’s there — a remark attributed to the climber, Mallory. Mountaineers climb, yes, because it’s there – because otherwise you’d be walking on the plains. But the mountain is climbed because I think the climber wants to hug the mountain. He wants to envelop that mountain within his body; he wants to make love to the mountain. And on its highest and finest level, whether these tough young guys with their sinewy bodies and their one-meal-a-day routine will admit it, there is a passionate affair going on between the climber and the mountain. Why do I climb the mountain, I would say the climber would say because I am in love.

– William Shatner

Grid North, a project by Brisbane based Artist-Run Initiative (ARI) Boxcopy, simulates the alpinist’s journey from first sight to summit, encapsulating all the risk, wonderment and glory in one specially crafted expedition. This trekking adventure tests physical and mental limits through rugged terrain and harsh conditions, while also offering moments of marvel and scenic revelation. Boxcopy creates an installation that uses the grid datum of the existing site to make space for audiences to navigate and discover the varying altitudes and wild vistas of artistic endeavor.

Project Documentation

Image: Boxcopy Grid North 2011. Installation view, The Block, Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane.