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26 March 2011

Let’s spend the night together?
You, me and a couple of videos?
No one is home and the living room is free.

GHOSTHOUSE is a new project by Brisbane based artist Sarah Byrne. It attempts to transcribe and translate the digital language of Byrne’s practice, towards the nostalgic analogue discourse of VHS.

The project aims to examine and make visible the unique processes of meaning making that digital video editing can often disguise. Extending the artists interest in the construction of noise making through poetical materials of scratch video, GHOSTHOUSE offers a VHS scratchtastrophe that ventures into ideas of physical and machinated video interaction and chance noise happening. Devised through a series of loops and repetitious sequences, this experiment aims to explore relationships between sound and image, analogue materiality, constructed “liveness”, accidental patterns of composition and meaning making through multi channel video installation- from the comfort of a fabricated living room. 

Known for aggressive video cut-ups and installation works, Byrne’s practice investigates the temporal disruption of physical and psychological space through video-generated noise environments. GHOSTHOUSE offers a new perspective to consider these concerns through lenses of fragility and the often unpredictable material nature of analogue technologies. 

Sarah Byrne is a 2008 honours graduate of the Queensland University of Technology and member of Brisbane-based DIY clan Sky Needle.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Joel Stern

Project Documentation

Image: Sarah Byrne Ghosthouse 2011. Installation view at Boxcopy.