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Haruka Sawa



2 – 30 October 2010

Being towards nothing is an exhibition featuring the new work of Japanese born, Brisbane based artist Haruka Sawa. It explores the idea of ‘death and the everyday’ through the use of everyday objects and a candle wax installation. The artist’s fixation on death stems from a personal ‘death wish’, as well as her own near death experience and experience of the passing of a loved one. For Sawa, considering death in the everyday reminds us of the fundamental aspects of life and the limited time we all have. The exhibition features candle wax casts of the artist’s body that are used to signify the ephemeral nature of time and existence. Viewers are invited to participate by lighting the candle wax body and distinguishing the light whenever they wish — an action that encourages reflection on the chance and decision-making processes in our everyday lives. Overtime the wax body gradually melts and collapses, representing the value and fragility of life. 

Haruka Sawa is currently completing a Bachelor of Photography with Honours at Queensland College of Art. In 2009, she received the Graduate Art Show award for her installation work, ‘Conduit’ and has recently won the 2010 Clayton Utz Launch Art Award.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Claire Robertson

Exhibition Documentation

Image: Haruka Sawa Being Towards Nothing 2010. Installation view at Boxcopy.