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4 – 25 September 2010

Featuring the new work of Brisbane artist Louise Bennett (Tahiraj), Mood in progress is an exhibition that continues the artist’s experimentation with a process of ‘in-action reflection’ or reflexivity with the video medium. Using a webcam and colour-masking techniques, the artist captures herself facing the camera and layers her image using a combination of video, collage and drawing processes. For the artist, the editing process becomes an exploration into analogue/digital play, touching pixels and cutting into the moving image featuring the artist’s own image. Bennett’s practice constantly renegotiates the artist’s day-to-day physical and psychological experience with video that is edited to allow for multiple idiosyncrasies to re-emerge with each iteration, becoming, in turn, points of reflection on the artist’s shifting sense of identity.

Bennett holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology and is Co-Director of Accidentally Annie Street Space, an artist-run initiative in Brisbane.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Meg Hale

Image: Louise Bennett Mood in Progress 2010.