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6 March – 3 April 2010

For his new work, Gunawan reconsiders Allan Kaprow’s Yard (1961), which involved a load of car tires piled into the courtyard of Martha Jackson Gallery and included the instructions ‘rearrange the tires’, encouraging visitor participation with the work. These instructions did not specify or graphically indicate to visitors where, why, or how to go about in rearranging the tires, leaving no clear indication as to what forms these body movements might end up producing in the resulting material order. Material formations and body movements is neither a reenactment nor reinvention, but a re-using of Kaprow’s ideas in Gunawan’s own terms, for his own sculptural purposes. Gunawan invites Boxcopy committee members to enact various scored activities, such as to throw, to pile or to move the material or junk found on site over the duration of the exhibition. The material configuration, as a result, is formed by a variety of chance events. This project continues Gunawan’s experimentation with materials as they are being encountered by methods involving provisional gestures: piling, throwing, and etc, and where other coordinate: entropy, matter, energy, and chance is encountered.

Gunawan has recently completed a Master in Fine Arts by research at Monash University and is currently undertaking a two-year studio residency at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space. His practice involves sculpture, object-based intervention (or installation), performance, self-publishing, and collaboration, focusing on the material encounter with processes of art’s production. He also writes instructions and scores using chance methods, such as the I-Ching, which involve throwing coins or dice for the construction of his performative acts. His last performance work was Sculptural Relations: embodiment, event, forces, and material performance at Monash University Postgraduate Gallery, where fellow artists were asked to participate in the material re-arrangement of the exhibition.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Laura Mudge

Exhibition Documentation


The gallery directors are asked to choose one or several activities written below. It is up to them how many activities to choose from. Once decided, they must allocate their chosen activities to one or several days of the exhibition, for example:

One activity in one day
One activity over several days
Several activities in one day

They can perform their task/s, either when there’s an audience in the room, or at any time between the operative hours of the gallery. The participants can do their task alone or with a group.

Throw the stuff
Rearrange the stuff
Move the stuff across the floor
Lift and drop the stuff
Break the stuff
Pile stuff
Push the stuff

Image: Ardi Gunawan Material Formations and Body Movements 2010. Installation view at Boxcopy.