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23 January – 20 February 2010

Office of Australia is an exercise in a critique of the existing Margaret Street exhibition space and empathetic experiences of art. Painted-out white, the Watson building gallery suggests to visitors to put-aside the daily experiences that lead up to their entrance to the exhibition along with the other activities that are concurrently occurring in the building and even the remnant picture rails that haunt the gallery walls of its previous use, to focus upon the exhibition of local art as a mesh of historical codes and critical theory. A kind of terra nullius patch appears to be established in the Brisbane CBD echoing previous transformations of the surrounding area. Repainting the space to its previous colour scheme as an office of business, the exhibition addresses the tension between art as an autonomous entity and art as an activity immersed in society.

Dirk Yates lives and works in Brisbane and has completed a Bachelor of Visual Art in 2001 and a Master of Architecture in 2009. His practice is primarily concerned with painting and installation in the Australian environment.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Kate Woodcroft

Exhibition Documentation


Image: Dirk Yates Office of Australia 2010. Installation view at Boxcopy.