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31 October – 21 November 2009

Chiromancy features a suspended bat constructed from various materials, including wood, steel, fabric and lead. The constructed creature resembles a large haphazardly crafted children’s toy or a science fair project or experiment gone wrong. This exhibition also reveals Spooner’s active drawing practice, giving insight into the many processes and methods the artist employs to make his creations. Inspired by such things as the plumbing history of the Watson Brother’s Building and the art of palm reading, Spooner draws connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and materials to create his new work, revealing in the process the complexity of the inner logic that drives his practice.

David Spooner is a Brisbane based artist who holds a Masters of Visual Arts from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Recent exhibitions include Brisbane Festival at Sample Gallery, Nara, Japan, World’s Best Practice at Old Space, Brisbane, and Recession Art + Other Strategies Inbetween Spaces, Brisbane.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Danielle Clej

Exhibition Documentation


Image: David Spooner Chiromancy 2009. Installation view at Boxcopy.