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Stuart Bailey | Tom Polo | Stephen Russell | Simone Tops | Bart Weiss

27 February – 21 March 2009

This is what the edge of your seat was made for considers the often complicated and contradictory role that humour plays in contemporary art practices, and the implications of humour as a liminal zone of art making activity.

Stuart Bailey is a Melbourne-based artist who’s practice explores the use of tragicomic humour as a mechanism for the interrogation of both social and political responsibility. Stuart Bailey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), ANU.

Tom Polo’s work interrogates traditional notions of success through the use of an adolescent, self-effacing humour. Tom Polo lives and works in Sydney and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), UNSW.

Stephen Russell is a Brisbane-based artist who’s artwork playfully engages with and interrogates aspects of our cultural, political and social conventions. Stephen Russel holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), QUT.

Simone Tops’ practice explores the indeterminacy of the everyday, using irony and play to undermine the tangible and utilitarian. Simone Tops holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts, SCU.

Bart Weiss lives and practices in Hobart. His artwork is concerned with the use of humour as a means to disrupt the comfortable order of things. Bart Weiss dropped out of secondary school halfway through year eleven.

Exhibition Catalogue | Essay by Joseph Breikers