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HOME IMPROVEMENT | 24 July – 6 August 2007

This is the first exhibition of Boxcopy featuring co-directors Joseph Breikers, Channon Goodwin, Anita Holtsclaw, Daniel McKewen, Marianne Templeton and Tim Woodward. Home Improvement reflects the DIY nature of the Boxcopy, as well as its dual role as both gallery and domestic living area. Although the space aspires to a degree of innovation and professionalism, like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, it is fated to lapse into amateurism. Luckily, dysfunction usually makes for interesting television art.

DANIEL McKEWEN | BETA | 21 August 2007

Daniel McKewen’s work examines and explores the complex relationship that exists between art, the fan, and the notion of celebrity. It suggests the idea of a consumer society that produces a system and mythology of celebrity which establishes a self-reflexive loop of celebrity consumption. The world of celebrities becomes a field of ‘oppositional’ definitions – a way to critically analyse dominant cultural ideologies, while creatively constructing individual identity. In BETA, Daniel presents new works in the tradition of directors’ cuts and special editions – changing narratives, and reconfigured visual effects serve to pursue this ever-shifting definition of celebrity culture and personal identity.


Marianne Templeton’s lo-fi drawings enact a process of simultaneous production and consumption. Her works encompass an eclectic range of influences, from language and classification systems, to fan culture, internet memes, grand cinematic masterpieces, and certain TV shows that shall remain nameless at this time. In other words, they are the awkward, fragmented creations of a pop culture junkie who suffers from the traumatic combination of an addictive personality and a short attention span. Televisionism, a.k.a. the art of distraction, presents a new cluster of drawings in conjunction with a video work that is (almost) as gimmicky as this blurb.

TIM WOODWARD | HELPS OUT | 25 September 2007

Forever in search of optimistic ends, Tim Woodward’s work negotiates and interprets the terms and conditions of everyday living. Following his own protocols in addressing this immediate world, his work presents an unconventional assembly of goals and desires, located within the most common moments of production, exchange, and consumption. As a result of these processes, his faux-naïf discoveries are at times entirely disingenuous and useless. He persists however in locating a hidden creative potential, often overlooked within quotidian consumer behaviours.


Joseph Breikers is very aware of his European sounding name and the fact that Joseph Beuys shares, not only his first name, but also his initials. Joseph Breikers is a name that brings to mind the tradition of the master object maker. But ‘master object maker’ he is not. Like a stray cat in a small, sparsely populated town, aspirations towards technical expertise and immense scale are only ever given momentary attention. Breikers’ is concerned by his lack of calf-muscles, interested in the impassioned stupidity of adolescence, and this collection of NEW WORKS! expose the artists’ own participation in this stupidity. Leatherneck celebrates a deliberate regression: a crudeness of subject and form.

CHANNON GOODWIN | 36 24 36 | 6 November 2007

Channon Goodwin got broadband internet in September 2007. Better late than never, this allowed his level of image consumption to skyrocket. 36 24 36 is an attempt by the artist to make hours of ‘wasted’ time spent browsing the internet into a productive activity resulting in a series of art works. Viewers are invited to bare witness to the documentation of an individuals private and never ending pursuit of visual gratification. They have no influence over where the mouse takes them but must, if they continue to watch, subject themselves to the taste choices of the artist, like a roller-coaster they follow a predefined track and can enjoy the ride or bemoan the lack of control.

ANITA HOLTSCLAW | THE GROVE | 27 November 2007

The work of Anita Holtsclaw seeks to critically examine and creatively explore cinematic constructions of femininity, which are sometimes assumed to be no longer active, within a post-filmic culture. The constructed performance of gendered identity and narrative found within screen-based media is re-performed by the artist in The Grove.

THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL | 18 December 2007

The Christmas Special featured work by Marianne Templeton, Dan McKewen, Joseph Breikers, Channon Goodwin, Tim Woodward and Anita Holtsclaw. The Christmas Special was the last exhibition for 2007 and acted as a celebration of our first year of operation at Mark Street in New Farm.