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14 – 28 July 2018

Opening event | Saturday 14 July 6 – 8pm

Nina Ross | Mandy Quadrio | Hannah Raisin | Archie Barry | Barbara Cleveland

Curated by Rachael Haynes & Simone Hine

This exhibition emerged out of conversation about Australian feminist performative artworks and embraces conversation as a curatorial method. Each curator suggests an artwork, that the other responds to with another artwork. A printed conversation accompanies the exhibition and documents this exchange. The conversation ranges from questions of how to define feminism today and how it operates as a political or personal framework, to exploring intersectional identities and self portraiture, examining the body in relation to humor, and performance in relation to history and re-enactment. Converse is an exhibition as dialogue and considers the ever shifting and unravelling nature of contemporary feminist art practice.

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Boxcopy is an artist-run organisation dedicated to creating a platform for the experimental and innovative practices of Australian artists and curators. We are asking for your support to keep this vital artist run space – running… and to support the outstanding artists and curators we have coming up in our 2018–19 exhibition program!


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Boxcopy supports artists and curators to develop and present new works in a critical context, through our program of exhibitions, events, publications and discussions. As an artist-run initiative we embrace experimentation, collaborative processes and a d.i.y. approach to contemporary art practice.

Boxcopy celebrated our ten year anniversary in 2017, and is one of the longest running artist-run spaces in Brisbane. We are run by a team of active and dedicated volunteers and we have supported over 200 artists to present new works in our program.

Boxcopy is a contemporary art space run by artists, for artists!

We are asking for your support to keep this vital artist run space – running… and to support the outstanding artists and curators we have coming up in our 2018–19 exhibition program!

The funds raised will support six exhibitions in Boxcopy’s 2018-19 program:

1/ Three solo exhibitions by early career artists – Leen Rieth, Callum McGrath and Naomi Blacklock.

2/ Future Proof 2018, a curated showcase exhibition featuring recent Queensland graduates.

3/ Two group exhibitions by early career curators – Tess Maunder and Emily Wakeling.

Your support will ensure:

1/ Development of innovative and experimental projects, and creation of new artworks!

2/ Professional development opportunities for artists and curators!

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Boxcopy is proud to be a founding member of All Conference – a national organising network comprised of 15 artist-led, experimental and cross-disciplinary arts organisations.

Representing a crucial stratum of the Australian arts ecology, All Conference members present diverse and innovative artistic programs which support the practices of living Australian artists. They connect these practices to diverse audiences via a passionate localism coupled with significant national and international peer-to-peer networks.

Founding members include: Alaska Projects (NSW), BLINDSIDE (VIC), Boxcopy (QLD), Bus Projects (VIC), c3 (VIC), Constance (TAS), FELTspace (SA), Firstdraft (NSW), Kings ARI (VIC), Moana (WA), Liquid Architecture (VIC), Runway (NSW), Seventh (VIC), Trocadero Artspace (VIC), and Un Projects (VIC).